Delray Beach


Delray Beach – a bustling haven for tourists today has a rather queer history attached to it. The first settlers in Delay Beach got excited seeing the terrain, and confusing the sands on the beach for snow. In reality, snow and ice is a distant dream in this sunny haven which boasts of temperate tropical climate all the year round – conditions conducive to agriculture and farming. This is perhaps the reason why the first settlers in the region were farming communities and even post the commercialization which had hit the county like a wave, its deep roots as a predominantly agricultural community cannot be discounted.

Look at Delray Beach today and you would see commercialization and globalization to have fully manifested itself here. Not just is the nightlife comparable to the best in the world, but the uninterrupted coast line and the accompanying natural beauty makes Delray Beach the ‘Most Fun Town to be in the US’.

Delray: Where disaster is never at bay

Delray Beach has always been good at having a certain vanity about itself - preserving its calm and surface beauty, only to conceal the wounds inflicted on it by the numerous natural disasters which have frequented it. The hurricanes of 1926, which brought the Bull Run in the real estate market to a standstill, stand out of these. Not very far in history, 2005 saw Wilma torment the city and bring it down on its knees.

As if hurricanes were not enough, Delray Beach is also susceptible to rising sea waters and tides cause routine flooding of the neighboring, low lying coastal areas.

Keeping the community safe:

Keeping Delray Beach and its prosperity conserved and preserved is the arduous task which we at Delray Beach Water Damage diligently share with the residents and the local authorities. With our integrity and undeterred wok ethics, it undoubtedly has been the strong spirit of the local population, which has made the community thrive through these waves of highs and lows.

Who we are?

When quality disaster remediation services, rendered promptly and with full conviction is the ask, there is no one better to trust, other than us. With decades of experience under our belt, we know whatever there is to know about damage restoration techniques and best practices, and we are mobilized instantly, once we receive a call from you on 561-330-5099.

Be it flood damage restoration or the routine plumbing fixes and related jobs, we are adept at carrying out restoration projects throughout the following zip codes:

33444, 33445, 33446, 33447, 33448, 33482, 33483, 33484

Some of our services include:

  • All types of damage mitigationDelray Beach Water Damage Delray Beach, FL 561-330-5099
  • Furniture and document restoration services
  • Effective leak detection and remediation
  • Smoke and soot damage control
  • Controlling organic growth and mold proliferation
  • Contaminated water flushing post floods
  • Dehumidification post water damages
  • Property reconstruction and design
  • Designs and Makeovers – made to fit
  • Roofing, Flooring, Plumbing etc.

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